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Encourage Each OtherCall (337) 227-9280 to Get Help Now! For many people, the pain and hopelessness of drug addiction makes them feel cornered, they might not know how to bear any more suffering. Though it kind of feels inconceivable, drug addiction is beatable, we have the staff and experience to assist drug users end the cycle of abuse. It has been medically proven that drug and alcohol dependency are sicknesses, and should be handled with the same medical scrutiny as illnesses like cancer. The skilled professionals at our facilities specialize in remedies for drug and alcohol dependency, making sure that our clients get the highest level of care. If you are located in the Lafayette, LA area, end addiction and contact us today!

What Is Drug Dependency?

We treat the physical or psychological dependence that forms because of legal and illegal drug use, which is commonly considered drug addiction. Drug abuse can begin casually, but people usually find that they soon lose self-control and want more drugs, more frequently to be able to feel normal. The more drug abuse increases, the more difficult it becomes to go without the drug on account of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This is considered physical dependency, which is because of repeated drug use that disturbs the way nerve cells in the brain signal pleasure, making drug use the only way to receive pleasure-giving brain signals. On the other hand, psychological dependency can take longer to form, and occurs when the addict experiences stress and nervousness from the thought of not having the ability to get drugs to feel happy or normal again. To treat dependency effectively and comprehensively it is important to deal with both the physical and psychological dependence on drugs.

Addicts need a skilled, passionate staff to help end their suffering. Our treatment programs are so efficient since they come with group and individual therapy, physical activities and healthy diversions, access to the 12-step community, aftercare support, and lovely, affordable living accommodations. Their programs also are designed based on each client’s particular requirements to provide them with the best possibility for success. On account that they utilize numerous efficient, fact-based treatments, they are able to discover healthy and reasonably priced answers for everyone.

What Is Rehabilitation?

Rehab, or rehabilitation, comprises of thoroughly withdrawing a person from their substance of dependency, participating in several sorts of counseling and behavioral adjustments that help them understand issues, analyzing their reasons for using, and learning how to prevent relapses and temptation.

How We Treat Drug Addiction

At our treatment center, there’s a group of recovery professionals responsible for the many different facets of recovery, including assessment, medical care, counseling, education, lifestyle coaching, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, introduction to self-help and support meetings, treatment of psychological disorders and emotional issues, family education and therapy, and follow-up care. By combining inpatient and outpatient care, they are able to provide round the clock supervision with the freedoms associated with integration into society. While residing in beautiful, comfortable residential accommodations, clients engage in group and one-on-one counseling, behavioral modeling treatment, self-help group meetings every day, recreational activities, trips to the gym every day, and various social activities. We have served people in the Lafayette, LA area for over a decade. Call (337) 227-9280 to reach our recovery specialists for more information concerning treatment programs, the effects of drug use, or substance abuse in general.