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Fantastic Service!
These doctors are fantastic! When you go to them with your addiction, they actually listen to you and do a full evaluation before coming up with a treatment plan/diagnosis. And when they do talk to you about what they are doing or having you do, they explain to you what is wrong and how it will help you. I'm so lucky to find them in Los Angeles!!
, Los Angeles Nov 16, 2011

Drug Rehab LA Changed My Life
I just want to say thank you to the doctors in Drug Rehab LA for their professional customer service and taking time to care about people. Thanks to them, I can enjoy my time with my family rather than having to worry about not having my medication.
, Los Angeles Nov 27, 2011

Perfect Service
A+ Service! Thanks, keep up the good work!
, Los Angeles Jan 28, 2012

Highly Recommended Rehab
I have been a patient of Drug Rehab LA for many years and their knowledge and kind approach to medicine has never failed to impress me. They are thorough and helpful and has never kept me waiting too long. I highly recommend anyone looking for a rehab to give their office a call.
, Los Angeles, CA Feb 25, 2012

Highly Recommended Rehab
The doctors and staff are great. I came in on the recommendation of a coworker because I was having some issues with drug abuse. They took the time to listen to all my concerns and immediately started giving me feed back explaining why I was feeling the way I was. It's been a couple months and I feel much better. I highly recommend this rehab!
, Los Angeles, California, USA Oct 7, 2011

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